In addition to monthly supporting our partners, we offer ways to get involved with our special projects. A complete list of our current projects can be found on this page.


The seeds of BellaVie were planted when a woman in Haiti had a baby.  The baby was premature, and the mother was unable to breast feed.  Formula costs around 20 US dollars, and the average person in Haiti earns about 30 dollars a month.  Unfortunately, this was essentially a death sentence for any child unlucky enough to be born in these conditions.  But, God placed this mother in the path of Jamie Wilson.  She acted quickly to make sure her friends child would receive all the formula he would need.  And her goal ever since then has been to get formula to anyone who needs it.


Ashlee Gordon moved to Haiti in July of 2019.  She is so excited to be an "on the ground" contact for BellaVie and will be the main contact for so much important work.

  • Baby formula distribution

  • Building of a new trade and employment center

  • Activities with orphans and people with disabilities

  • Organizing projects

  • Working with our partners

  • And much more!


Education in Haiti is not free. The government does not provide any public education for any grade level. If you are a child in Haiti and your parents can not afford to send you to school, you do not get to go. If you are not able to receive an education during your childhood, it is almost always impossible as an adult to get an education. We are hoping to receive funding for a program that is teaching reading and writing to adult parents. We have several children in Haiti that are dear to us and we are looking for Education Sponsors for them. School is $200 per year plus $40 for uniforms. Please let us know if you would like to sponsor a child's education. Or give on the Education Sponsor link below.

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