What do you do when you see a world in need, AND a world of excess?  You start BellaVie International, that’s what.  The seeds of BellaVie were planted when a woman in Haiti had a baby.  The baby was premature, and the mother was unable to breast feed.  Formula costs around 20 US dollars, and the average person in Haiti earns about 30 dollars a month.  Unfortunately, this was essentially a death sentence for any child unlucky enough to be born in these conditions.  But, God placed this mother in the path of Jamie Wilson.  She acted quickly to make sure her friends child would receive all the formula he would need.  And her goal ever since then has been to connect people with excess to this in need.


She says “The problem isn’t that the world doesn’t have enough, it’s that it’s not distributed evenly.”  So Jamie, and BellaVie, stand in the middle with open hands and hearts.  We have been blessed to find a number of businesses, and people, who are ready to help the world.  Our job is to connect them, and you, with someone who needs you.

Jamie And Ashlee


the action of stopping something from happening or arising

Family Development

Pregnancy Assistance

Child Sponsorship

Child Development


action taken to improve a situation

Foster Care


Orphan Care

Mentor Programs


the action of returning something to a former condition

Prison Ministry


Human Trafficking

Education Services

Drug & Alcohol

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